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Holiday Accidents

Holiday Accidents

It used to be difficult to make personal injury compensation claims for accidents sustained while on holiday or abroad, such as when on a business trip or while travelling. However, now it is simpler to make a holiday accident compensation claim as a result of legislative changes which have enabled people to submit claims for accidents or injuries that occurred while abroad.

If our multilingual team of legal experts can find the Tour organisers of a package holiday behaved in a negligent fashion that caused you to sustain a personal injury, you may be able to succeed in a holiday compensation claim.

As long as your holiday has been pre-arranged before the vacation began in the form of a package holiday, the tour operator is directly responsible for your health and safety, as well as any other problems with your holiday, such as with the accommodation or travel. This means you can make a claim for compensation with Whitestone Solicitors if you are in a foreign location that would not conform to British legislation relating to health and safety.

You do not have to speak to foreign legal advisors and can instead call our expert team, as your compensation claim is based from the country the tour operator is based in. European Law requires that countries in the European Union enact laws to protect tourists on package holidays.

Contact us today for advice on how to proceed with your holiday accident claim. Our specialist advisors and legal representatives may also be able to help you make a holiday accident compensation claim in other instances, such as if there was a motoring accident that was not your fault.