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Personal Injuries, Product Liability and Negligence claims are when you claim against another party or person who has been the cause of something that has affected you negatively in comparison to how you were prior to the incident.


Buying a House, Selling a House, A Commercial lease and Transfer of land are all property transactions under specific areas of law. Contact us when you are looking to buy, sell, transfer or lease buildings and land.


For any issues coming into the United Kingdom, we can help. Our services deal with visa applications and Spousal/ Fiance visas as well as the more complicated Asylum, deportation and judicial appeals,


Things can go wrong and unplanned in life. Our Family Law team provide seperation, divorce and child services as well as help with planning prenuptual agreements.


Sometimes we can avoid court and settle disputes however, there are times when you have to fight. Your success depends on your transparency and the evidence you have.


These services are for you if you wish to have a say when you are not here or wish to transfer something from someone who has passed away. At difficult times, you have our support.

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