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We make every effort to excel in client care and client satisfaction. It’s in our nature as service sector specialists who have spent many years doing what we do. 

We work for you, and with you, to achieve your goal. We care and communicate as efficiently as possible.

Efficiency matters. The faster we can establish your case, the less costs there may be for all parties involved.

Our wealth of experience is here for you to take advantage of, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch for a no-obligation informal discussion about a legal issue you feel we can help with.



We are members of associations and panels which govern and assess us regularly.



Our Solicitors have many years of experience, making them experts in their respective fields.



We focus on a tailored approach, just for you, and what exactly is achievable in your case.

“Nothing But The Best Is Good Enough”

“Nil Satis Nisi Optimum”

Theo Kelly (17 January 1896 – 30 April 1964)

Trusted By You

Since 2010

The last 10 years have been a wonderful journey of growth. Both in premises, client network and in-house professional Solicitors.

Today, we work with multiple organisations, on a daily basis, around the world, offering both legal advice and charity support.

Your loyalty to our firm has allowed many projects of benefit to come to fruition for the larger community. We sincerely thank you for your dedication to our service.

Communication is key

A personalised service

start your legal process

The first step can be the most difficult, yet, the most rewarding.

Put yourself at ease by knowing the reality of your legal matter, and whether there is a chance of success going forward. 

The initial discussion will answer your questions. It’s free, over the phone and you can get advice before you make a decision on how to proceed.

We Want to know

We want to know about you, your legal matter and how you are affected. We truly care about your situation and want to see how to help you best.

understand your rights

We will explain clearly what your rights are and where you stand in your current situation, from a legal viewpoint.

determine your goals

We will listen. We want to know what you want to achieve and will be honest about the reality of achieving it.
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our team of experts are here for you

Choosing the right Solicitor to represent you is important. Get to know our team today and contact them directly.

Answers To questions You May Have

Frequently Asked Questions

Our solicitors at Whitestone will prepare and process your claim, we will not take any payment for our work until there is a decision on your case. If you win and receive compensation, we will deduct agreed costs for the work done on your behalf while representing you. However, if you are unsuccessful in your claim, then you pay nothing.

Every case is different and it is difficult to give a realistic estimate of how much compensation you can expect to receive until we know the full details and grounds for your claim. However, you can be assured that at Whitestones we will strive to obtain the best possible outcome for you. Contact us for an initial assessment and we will be able to give you a clearer picture of what to expect.

Below is a general guideline to the amount that could be awarded for the majority of common types of claims:

  • Medical Negligence: £1000- £200,000 or more
  • Whiplash: £1000-£5000
  • Brain Damage: £10,000-£265,000
  • Food Poisoning: £600-£34,000
  • Work related limb disorders: £1,500-£15,000
  • Back Injury: Up to £100,000

At Whitestone Solicitors we ensure that we deal with your matter swiftly and efficiently. However, we have seen that the more complex a matter is, the longer it could take. We work carefully and to a very high standard whilst preparing your case and acting upon your instructions to ensure the best service to you, whilst avoiding any waste of time or delays. We on a case by case basis and strive to always be open and honest in relation to time estimates.

Our Solicitors work hard to ensure our clients succeed in their claims and naturally the work done on your behalf means it will incur costs. If you decide to withdraw your claim of your own accord, we reserve the right to invoice clients for reasonable costs to cover the work we did on their behalf. If you are having any doubts about your claim, please talk to our team for transparent and honest advice.

We have recently launched our updated website and it’s still in the development stage, so if there is a question you have, and it’s not listed here, please let us know using the contact form or request a call back and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

At Whitestones, we strive to operate as fairly as possible. At the same time, we understand there may be a time when you are not happy with something, if this is the case, please tell us right away, allow us to address any concerns you may have. We are open and transparent. Let us know, and if we cannot come to a resolution, there will be  venues available to you to ensure a fair and impartial outcome.

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