Debt Recovery Claim

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Debt Recovery Claim

We recently represented a company who sought payment of invoices in respect of services provided

Despite having allowed the other party significant time over and above the deadline for payment of invoices, with a view to maintaining the business relationship, no payments had been made.

Following termination of the business relationship, a sum of around £50,000 was outstanding, plus interest.

The other party alleged that our client had wrongfully repudiated the contract.

They also alleged that our client had solicited some of their clients and threatened a counterclaim.

Serious issues were raised by us as to the authenticity of contractual documents, amongst other things.


Our forensic analysis of documents disclosed by the other party showed their potential counterclaim to be of no substance and paved the way for settlement negotiations to take place, culminating in payment being made to our client in respect of monies owed.

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