Settling a Partnership Dispute

An example of a case

Settling a Partnership Dispute

A partner at a Law firm was in dispute.

We recently represented a former Partner at a firm of Solicitors, who was involved in a partnership dispute after having exited the partnership.

Our clients position was that payement of monies that were owed in respect of work that was done, had not been honoured.

After having taken instructions, we submitted a letter of claim.

The claim was disputed by the firm and extensive investigations and communications were necessarily undertaken.

As sometimes expected, FULL co-operation from the other party was not forthcoming and we had to be robust in our approach in order to make progress.

An application was made at Court and our firm approach eventually prompted sensible negotiations, culminating in an excellent settlement for our client.

Sadly, the other party were not co-operative when it came to dealing with the question of costs and so we had to institute assessment proceedings and enforcement proceedings before securing payment of our client’s claim for costs.

Our client was over the moon.