Suffered due to defective Equipment at work

Serious Injuries – Case Study

Serious Injury

It can Happen To Anyone

We represented a client that unfortunately underwent a partial finger amputation, arising as a result of an accident at work.

Our client was required to use a saw when the item that was being cut became stuck and sprung back, causing our client’s hand to become trapped and suffer injury against the saw blade.

We met with our client and spoke about the accident circumstances, training provided and obtained information regarding the employer, following which, we decided to act on his behalf and investigate a claim.

Your Health and Safety is important

We represent clients who suffer serious injuries

Serious Injuries Case Study

It appeared to us that there were a number of important considerations, including:

Initially liability was denied, however, we were steadfast in our approach and continued to push, ultimately, persuading the employer’s insurers to admit liability.

Medical evidence was obtained in respect of our client’s injuries, including from a hand specialist and a plastic surgeon.

Our concern was how the injury might affect our client in the future, and not only in terms of day to day activities but also, in respect of the types of jobs that he might be able to perform in the future.

We were delighted to successfully settle the claim in the region of £35,000.00.

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