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Settling a Fatality Claim

The deceased lived and worked in the UK and financially supported his family abroad.

We have successfully settled a claim acting on behalf of the estate of a young man who tragically died following a serious road traffic accident.

The deceased had been riding his motorcycle when he was struck by a car at speed, causing him to be thrown off his motorcycle and suffer fatal injuries.

As part of the claim, we had to liaise with the deceased’s relatives in the UK and also in Pakistan.

The deceased lived and worked in the UK and financially supported his family in Pakistan. This included his elderly mother and disabled sisters.
We had to obtain letters of administration so that the estate could act in respect of the claim.

Despite the driver of the car pleading guilty of having caused death by careless driving, the insurers and the Solicitors defended the claim and tried to suggest that the deceased was to blame or partly to blame.

We had to undertake extensive investigations, including obtaining police records, witness evidence, consideration as to accident reconstruction expert evidence and because of the liability denial, we had to issue court proceedings too.

We had to consider the nature and extent of a financial dependency claim on behalf of the deceased’s family, funeral expenses and any other losses.
In relation to the claim for financial dependency, we had to consider the health of the deceased’s family members and their respective life expectancies.

Seeing that we would not be moved from our position, the other Solicitors began sensible negotiations with us, resulting in terms of settlement in the sum of £30,000.00-for the deceased’s family in Pakistan, a life-changing award.

We are thrilled to have achieved this settlement, recognising just how much it means to the deceased’s family and what a difference it will make for them.

We put our clients and their families at the forefront of everything that we do.

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