Suffering From An injury or fall while at work

Accidents at Work

It can happen anywhere

You never see it coming

Accidents at work cover a wide spectrum.

There’s not much that could be more embarrassing than a Slip, Trip or Fall in front of your co-workers or in a public place. There are a number of emotions you would be feeling. 

It is more than a just a Slip, Trip or Fall. 

Accidents at work could range from falling from a mezzanine floor, trapping your hand in machinery or having something fall and hurt you. 

These accidents have the potential to cause a rippling effect of frustrations and difficulties in your life, get in touch with us to see how we can help. We look after you. 


What is a Slip?

A SLIP is when you have unintentionally lost your footing and your balance has given way. It could be due to something placed on the floor that you were not aware of.


What is a Trip?

A TRIP is when you unintentionally catch your foot on something and lose your footing or fall. It could be something in your way that you did not see.


What is a Fall?

A FALL is when something has gone from a higher height to a lower height. Usually under its own weight. This can apply to a person or an object.

Your Health and Safety is important

Employers have a Duty of Care

Causes of an accident at work could include:

  • risk assessments not having been carried out or were not sufficient.
  • no proper training provided to an employee.
  • floors not regularly inspected and cleaned.
  • work equipment not regularly inspected and maintained.
  • inadequate protective equipment provided eg gloves that were unsuitable.
  • failure to provide proper safety equipment for when working at height.
  • failure to enforce health and safety measures at a construction site.

An employer may be negligent by taking or not taking certain steps that impact on the safety of the workplace and cause/contribute to an accident.

Employers have a duty to protect the health and safety of employees at work. 

This includes carrying out risk assessments, providing ongoing training and keeping the workplace free from danger. 

Sadly, however, accidents do happen at work and sometimes with serious consequences for the injured person and their family. 

Injuries can occur in different circumstances. Example injuries may be during the course of manual handling, or because protective equipment was not suitable, or if there is a fall from a height, work equipment is defective, or someone suffers a slip on a spillage.

There's a three-year limit to make a claim for a slip, trip, or fall.

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