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Family Law

family Law covers many areas

What do we cover?

Family Law at Whitestone Solicitors is our service of pride. We are family-oriented and look at cases with wisdom and compassion.

Things may not always go right, so we suggest planning your future for mutual security.  

We cover a host of services to help you at every stage of family life. 

Prenuptial Agreements whether before or during partnership. Future Planning and Estates, Separation and Divorce Mediation especially responsibilities for Children, Child Visitations and Child Custody

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Prenuptial Agreements

Also known as Cohabitation Agreements

Pre-nuptial agreements and Cohabitual agreements (known in short as Prenups and a Cohabs) both work on the same principle.

In the United Kingdom alone, it is estimated that 2 in 3 marriages are successful, with the remainder ending in seperation. 

Seperation is sometimes key to well being and a better you. 

There are countless reasons you may wish to seperate. Those are respectfully yours.  

With these growing satistics, people are themselves going towards prenuptials more.


It’s not a trend to have a prenup, it’s now becoming more a sensible option.

If you think about it, all you are doing is securing your own future and your partners. You are setting in place an agreement before coming together and merging. This itself can be a huge clarity and allow for a stress free future. 

What you agree with your partner in a Prenup or a Cohab can be anything from physical material items to finances and personal items. All your shared responsibilities and singular responsibilites can be planned out and agreed to.

The most important parts


Children often get caught in the cross fire when something goes wrong in a relationship.

Emotions can be irrational and actions can be taken which spiral down a road that then make the whole process extremely stressful for a child or children. 

It is important always to keep any children and their needs, their safety and their security at the absolute forefront.

Let us mediate and speak with you to give you and your family options.

Legal Help To Give You The Confidence You Need

Welcome to the Family

We offer more than we can list

We cover all the necessary Family Law services. Each service comes with a wealth of experience and background. Your circumstances may be different than services we have listed, However, we advise you to get in touch as we may still be able to represent you. 

What We cover for you

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