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Litigation is when you take someone down a legal route, either by filing a claim or taking them to court for a decision on your matter.

Litigation falls in all sectors; we cover areas in commercial businesses, partnerships, fraud, money laundering, accounting irregularities, contractual breeches and private matters (also known as Civil Litigation).

We Litigate

for industry sectors

We Settle

through Mediation with reason

We Defend

Against anyone taking you to court

Disputes Happen, it's part of life

Partnership or Contract

How do you resolve a dispute?

Litigation covers all aspects of legal disputes which are settled by negotiation or through the courts. The most common outcome of these legal disputes is the awarding of damages to the winning party or for a party to undertake (or not take) a specific course of action.

At Whitestone Solicitors, we deal with every aspect of litigation from beginning to end to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation.

Our Specialist Solicitors have years of experience in Litigation and a wealth of experience in the claims industry.

Our fees vary per case, however we are extremely competitive and always look towards no-win, no-fee options for you.

We have expertise to ensure the process is completed quickly and efficiently, keeping costs down. You’ll get a quote as soon as we understand the details of your case with no hidden fees further down the line.

Think before you


Talk to one of our Specialists. We may be able to advise on an alternative resolution for your dispute. Having a wealth of industry experience, if we have experienced the same case before, we can offer expert legal advice for you instantly.

Sometimes, there are more cost-effective options for you to consider before taking someone to court.

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