Forced to Compromise On Professional Medical Services

Medical Negligence

You were assured everything went fine

But Something seems wrong

Sometimes you just know when something hasn’t gone right. 

You believed in a procedure with a confirmed outcome, but something has gone terribly wrong.

When an organisation, or a professional with a care of duty, fails to provide the level of care that is expected, this is negligence.

It may not be a person or persons at fault. 

It may be the procedures followed that led to a bad outcome. 

However, somewhere down the line, an issue was caused.

It is our duty to listen and help to prove your concerns with the correct evidence.

We specialise in Cosmetic Negligence, Dental Negligence and Medical Negligence.


Will Anyone believe me?

We believe you. We ensure to believe our client so we can represent in the best way possible. Individuals may suffer due to a range of things including mismanagement, wrong procedures and mistakes during surgery.


Will Someone Get in trouble?

This depends on the nature of the negligence that has been committed. Each case is different and will be based on its own circumstances. We first and foremost focus on you, getting you the support you need.


What can I claim For?

You can claim for absolutely anything if you believe that you were not given a proper standard of care. Having said that, reason and fairness will prevail and we will advise you of what is reasonable. This will depend on your unique situation.

helping you To Get The Truth

Professionals can get it wrong

Medical Staff owe You a duty of care.

Clinicians, GP’s, Hospitals and Medical Specialists owe a duty of care to you.

Clinicians, GP’s, Hospitals and Medical Specialists owe a duty of care to all of their patients.  Whilst you may be going to see them because you are not well, unfortunately, they may end up failing you in some way. This failure may cause problems which would not have happened otherwise.

Examples of medical negligence include failing to examine a patient competently, failing to diagnose or the late diagnosis of a condition, failing to refer on or admit to the hospital when necessary, failing to give competent advice, failure to prescribe medication or the correct medication and even failing to carry out surgery correctly.

If there has been a breach of the duty owed to you, i.e. the medical staff have not complied with correct standards of care, then you may be entitled to make a claim for any injury or loss suffered as a result.

Whether you were a private or NHS patient, your care provider has a responsibility to ensure you are treated in a competent, efficient, and caring way. Failure to do so can cause serious problems for patients. By actively pursuing medical negligence claims, patients can be recompensed for the suffering they endured, or in more serious cases, be awarded compensation to meet medical expenses that have arisen as a result of the care provider’s negligence.

Be Aware That There is a time limit

Time is short

If you have been treated in the UK and feel you have a case for a medical negligence claim, get in touch. This could be a medical negligence claim against a health care provider, an organisation or an individual who neglected their duty of care towards you.

It is imperative you get in touch straight away.

Each situation will have a time window in which to submit a claim. 

You do not want to run out of time.

With faith Discipline and selfess devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you can not achieve.

It's more affordable than ever

Medical Negligence services

We work thoroughly on each case, contacting witnesses. It is important to have a full picture of the event, for your own clarity and for the clarity of the party you are claiming against.

Our Medical Negligence Service can include

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