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This means that our solicitors at Whitestone will prepare and process your claim but we will not take any payments for our work until there is a decision on your case. If you win and receive compensation then we will deduct our agreed costs for the work we did on your behalf whilst representing you, if you are unsuccessful in your claim then you pay nothing.
Every case is different and it is very difficult to give a realistic estimate of how much compensation you can get until we know the full circumstances and grounds for your claim. However, you can be rest assured that at Whitestones we will strive to obtain the best possible outcome for you. Contact us for a chat and once we know the nature of your claim we will be able to give you a clearer picture of what to expect.
Below is a general guidline to the amount that can be awarded for the majority of common types of claims: * Medical Negligence: £1000- £200,000 or more * Whiplash: £1000-£5000 * Brain Damage: £10,000-£265,000 * Food Poisoning: £600-£34,000 * Work related limb disorders: £1,500-£15,000 * Back Injury: Upto £100,000
At Whitestones we ensure that we deal with your matter swiftly and efficiently. The more complex or detailed a matter is, the longer it could take. We work carefully to a very high standard whilst preparing your case and acting upon your instructions to ensure the best service to our clients whilst avoiding any waste of time or delays. We will be openly honest in our advice in relation to time estimates.
Our Soicitors work hard to ensure our clients succeed in their claims and naturally the work done on your behalf means it will incur costs. If you decide to withdraw your claim of your own accord then we reserve the right to invoice our clients for reasonable costs to cover the work we put in on their behalf. If you are having any doubts about your claim please talk to our team for transparant and honest advice.

Not had a fair deal?

We try and operate our business as fairly as possible. There may be a time when you are not happy with something. If this is the case, please tell us, allow us to address any concerns you may have. We are open and transparent and above all human. So do let us know first, and if we cannot come to a resolution, there are avenues you may pursue for a fair and impartial outcome. 

Found a web issue?

We have just recently launched our website, and appreciate there may be some mistakes. Some elements of the wesite are still under development and it is a growing project where we aim to inform you directly and not overburden with unecessary information. 

As such, if there is something about our website you wish to tell us, then please notify us.