What is Law to You?


“The Law is reason free from passion” (Aristotle)

What we mean by THE LAW?

Despite what many of you may thing… THE LAW… is not just Judge Dredd. It is deep, evolving, sensible and above all to be respected.

Unique for each judicial system, possibly country, county, geo-area, religion etc… , the law plays a central role in our political, social, community as well as economic life. A composition of systematic rules, Law teaches us how to behave as a part of society and inform us about the obligations we must follow. So who makes these rules to maintain the social order?

As I’m here in West Street, Rochdale, sat at my desk at Whitestone Solicitors, it’s better to say a little on Law in the United Kingdom. As there is no written constitution of the United Kingdom, In UK Law, a newly proposed Law need, want, suggestion or demand is called a Bill. (You may see or get the odd phone message with a link asking you to sign a petition, a petition to agree to have a change put to House of Commons and the House of Lords. Known as the houses of parliament. Enough signatures and it will be discussed as a concern and elevated through the process.)

Once this Bill or Bills is/are passed by the Houses of Parliament, Parliament then seeks Royal Assent (gets permission from the Monarch), to grant it as an Act of Parliament. There are hundreds of new Laws passed each year.

Her Majesty The Queen has provided Royal Assent to a total of 3135 Acts of Parliament, since 1952.

The UK is a Democratic Society. Nobody is above the law in a democracy, everybody in a democratic country must obey the Law. That is the reason why breaking the Law is considered as a crime. This can result in penalizing, punishment, jail or even revoking of your British Citizenship and passport, all depending on the Law or Laws that have been broken.

Why do we need the Law?

Following a system of rules keeps everything stabilized and balanced, without the morals and ethics of such rules, we would simply be without order and in pure chaos.

That’s why the system is widely known as a ‘Legal System’ because it consists of appropriate Laws and rules that set bases in shaping a citizen’s behaviors and moral values in the society we live in.

What is legal system? This is simply best described by J.H Merryman:

“A legal system is an operating set of legal institutions, procedures, and rules.”

Law is ‘the power’ that ensures rights as citizens and provides us general safety in society against abuses by people, organizations or even the government itself.

In an ideal world, where all of the general population are law abiding citizens and there is no injustice, no wars, no clashes and no unethical dealings… this ideal utopia would allow you to carry on with a very secure and happy society. But unfortunately this is not the case, and we need to understand the Law and walk side by side with it. It is for your benefit, for my benefit and for the greater good. Know your rights!  And acknowledge that the law is there to help, you just have to explore the depths of how Law can benefit you in certain positive ways.

How can Law benefit you?

The Law is all about social and mutual benefit. It’s about Justice. The Law encourages changes inside the general public and to the entire country. Law makes you carry on with a real existence loaded with poise and standards since you are obliged to tail them. Law lays the foundation of maintaining social order and ensure that your life is not at risk every day, all day 24/7. In the absence of the rules of law, society could break down into notorious crimes like murders, rapes and theft resulting in a crumbling hierarchy. Chaos would ensue, the strong would overpower the weak and there would seemingly be no justice.

So when you are treated unfairly or unjustly, abused or your humanity is being breached you are always protected by the Law. The Law has trained people who uphold it, highlight it and are experts in it. These are called Lawyers.

Lawyers are experts in these Acts of Parliament. They study, cross reference and know where you stand within the vast network of rules and regulations. This is why when you are working through complex legitimate speculations, resolutions and case law, they look for an answer according to what has been said, done and documented in the same light of the legal system since.

Our solicitors at Whitestone Solicitors have outstanding investigative aptitudes including perusing and composing statements and cases to reflect how you have either correctly conducted yourself, or the other party has incorrectly conducted themselves.

We’re easy to talk to and refreshingly frank about where you stand. You may find it in your benefit if you have a UK Law issue to just pick up the phone and get some professional advice.

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