Negligence is more expensive than dentistry itself.


Dentistry and Consumer’s Backlash

At some point in their life, everyone will attend their Dentist’s surgery, for some this can be a nerve-racking experience even for the simplest routine appointments.

Dentistry is not anything like medicine, the costs of dental treatments are notably high and are continuously reaching for the sky. Consumers are charged a high amount of money which goes across hand to hand over the counter and this even sadly applies to NHS treatment. Despite all this heavy amount of valuation, the consumers are still getting the ill treatments leading to infections, tooth loss or even much worse scenarios.

Victims of these outdated and incompetent dental practices are questioning the value for their money which results in soaring their claims for damages.  There is almost a fourfold increase in a number of claims since 2001. A report from the Family Health Service in the UK reveals that during the period of 2013 to 2014 almost 7,000 cases of dental negligence had occurred. This increase is almost 12% as compared to the previous years. Moreover, the average payout rose to £7,980[1]. But why are people getting maximum compensations?

Because it’s their right and that’s what the law says. According to the UK law, victims of dental negligence get the maximum compensation because dentists owe all their patients a duty of extreme care and ill practices can cost dentists a lot, literally a lot!

Dental Negligence

Wrong tooth extraction may not be the only reason for making your claim and getting compensation. Whether it was due to incorrect advice, failure to diagnose a condition or even the wrongful administration of anesthetic, your sufferings are not worthless.

Some Common Types of Dental Negligence

Compromising of its own unique circumstances, every case need to be taken under extreme consideration and care, though speaking broadly, dental negligence falls into the following three categories


1.      Delayed diagnosis

Further complications are inevitable if your dentist is taking too long to diagnose a problem. The complications resulting in delayed diagnosis can sometimes become incurable.

2.      Wrong Diagnosis

Incompetent dental practices lead to misjudgment resulting in a misdiagnosis or false diagnosis. Such misery should instantly be reported to stop others to fall in such traps in the future.


3.      Inferior Dental Service

A failure to carry out treatment according to the standards is accounted as inferior dental services. Some examples of such clumsy dentist’s work are:

  • Wrong tooth extraction
  • Substandard fillings, crowns, or root canal
  • Dental implants wrong fitting

Visiting an unprofessional dentist can cause several other unskillful practices resulting in severe mouth infections

Typical Cases

A typical case in the UK was of a woman who had a badly fitted crown which led to infection and loss of her tooth, the case was settled out of court in November 2006 for £6,000.

Another case was of a man whose misconducted dental treatment led to the loss of “multiple” teeth and he received £85,000 as compensation.

The General Dental Council (GDC) reported a record of dealing with 2,399 complaints against dentists in the year 2006, of which 797 were accounted as misfit to practice. The complaints are being settled since then up till today but the complaints just seem to be never-ending.

Silence is Not the Answer; Whitestone Solicitors Can Help

The Department of Health, UK estimates that 10% of hospital admissions result in an adverse event, but only around 2% claims for medical negligence which is then handled by the NHS Litigation Authority result in court action[2]. Staying quiet could make things even worse, raise your voice today otherwise your sufferings could go in vain.

If you have suffered dental negligence, then contact us today for a free consultation and expert advice on how to proceed with a Dental Claims in the UK. Our Solicitors have in-depth knowledge and can advise you a better option to ensure a successful outcome in Dental Negligence Claims in the UK. Whitestone Solicitors can help you secure the compensation that you are entitled to.


[2] NHS Litigation Authority Available from

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