New Year Resolution



“If you asked me for my new year resolution, it would be to find out who I am” (Cyril Cusack)

Considered as the perfect time to better ourselves by setting resolutions, and why not? After all, the New Year’s Eve has always been popular of slowing down reflections on the past and making oneself improve in the coming year.  Considering a few exceptional resolutions might show up to be the one thing that is good for you in life, all you need is a bit of practice and patience. As often what’s good for you is just the thing your practice needs as well.

Even the slightest ambition to succeed this coming year should need to be planned the right way. Choose the right resolution carefully and then give yourself your best shot at success. Regarded as some of the best and most popular resolutions, you may plan to:

  1. Get fit, get in shape and get it going
  2. Be a happier person, even at work
  3. Open the locked doors and welcome new learnings
  4. Assist others and aid the needy
  5. Make a bit more space for manners and be more organized
  6. Socialize
  7. Just be a better person

New Year’s Resolution is the one thing that should never be set lightly. We all have that one person who always sets resolutions every year but every time fails miserably. Despite having strong hopes with their New Year’s Resolution, it is alarming that of all the Resolutions people make only 8 percent achieve their goals. As a matter of fact, 25 percent of these resolutions get dropped off even before the end of the first week. The facts are in fact sad, but nevertheless, there are some really good ways so that you stick to your resolution and make it at the end of the year successfully.

  • Always plan your process not the goals

People enter in a new year with the goals of doing something that is achievable yet it takes time like losing weight or becoming rich. How can you expect to shed all your weight and get six pack abs overnight? The actual way of achieving this is to plan the whole process and achieve your goals day by day.

  • Clear your mind and be more specific

To carve your goal into a reality you have to get specific. Write down exactly what you want to do because precision is rewarded in several ways when moving up the ladder of success

  • Commitment is the key

The biggest issue to overcome is commitment. Making goals is easy but not everybody has the guts to meet a goal and ends up in failure.  Put your ambition in front of people you trust the most like your family, friends or mentor. When others are made accountable, giving up doesn’t remain an option.

Every time a new year arrives, it brings along new opportunities and hopes. It all depends on how we harness them. Start now by constructing your bucket list, set your goals the right way, design your life revolving around the ambitions and see your results becoming a reality.

So, what is your new year’s resolution?


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