“Decide what you want, believe you can have it, believe you deserve it and believe it’s possible for you” (Jack Canfield)

Everything is nothing if you don’t believe in it

Background, connections, resources and oodles of luck are that what create successful person?

Though these things play an influential role in achieving your definition of success… the factor which contributes the most is your Self-Belief.

Every success story which has changed the course of history has come out through hard times by mastering the power of self-confidence. Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Elon Musk, Nelson Mandela… and dare we say it Kanye West (or YE… or whatever today) are just few of the most powerful personalities which have transformed the world by harnessing the power of Believing in Yourself.

History has proved that in order to live a life of personal or your socially gauge of high achievements, you MUST require a pure unflinching belief in yourself and your abilities. If not, then try finding an extremely successful person who has come all the way without having utter self-confidence and self-belief in themselves.

Watch, think, decide and stick to it

A decision worth believing in and striving for never generates over a night. Every other day people are inundated with big or small decisions, it’s not about just taking a step but the positive or negative thoughts that drives us to make a decision.  Several theories (like of Stanovich & West, 2008; Bruin, Parker, & Fischoff, 2007; Acevedo, & Krueger, 2004 etc) have been generated that explains the factors influencing the power of decision making, a few of these factors includes:

  • Past Experiences
  • Commitment Escalations
  • Individual Differences
  • Personal Relevance
  • Cognitive Biases

To put it in a nutshell decision making could be hard or sometimes even harsh. But when people realize that their decision matters and it has a worth, they are more likely to take decision with extreme care and deep thought. Such decisions always set a benchmark of true believing in oneself and elevating self-confidence to stay firm against all the hurdles.

Believe in your dreams… or someone else will

Some people just hate making the wrong decisions, but wrong decisions are a factual answer on how to do it right. The fear of consequences of making wrong decisions have killed more dreams than any other. Well, a failed dream of one person is the success story for another. If you won’t escape living in the fear of consequences someday, some other person will be living your dream and you will merely be an audience clapping for that person’s achievement. Let’s say you have been able to take the right step at the right time, what’s next?

Believe that the step you have taken is the most righteous thing that could have been possible. Neglect the fears that are holding you back and trust that you can have it because you know it, you believe it, the evidence points your way… and above all, you deserve it.

So next time when you are preparing a goal that is going to change your life, learn to choose, make a firm decision, believe in yourself and achieve your dream because

‘What Matters Most is How You See Yourself’

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