Accident at Work



An accident at work can be a nightmare.


Even the tiniest amount of negligence can turn somebody’s life into a living hell, some injuries could be so fatal that for some people their lives will never be the same again.

Leading to physical, psychological and financial sufferings, accidents at work are no less than nightmares. Every employer around the globe is ethically obliged, and in most judicial systems, by law, to provide compensation to his/her employees who were involved in an accident during their work.

Your employer has a duty to ensure a safe and healthy environment for you to carry out your duty. Full stop. It really is that simple.

So, what if working in a hostile environment or negligence by the employer results in an injury? Well, the employee has all the rights for a good amount of compensation.

The impacts and costs of such accidents are tremendous. The more developed country you live in, the more it seems to cost… places like the United Kingdom, where there are many parties involved who charge for their services to articulate to the correct people your plight… correctly. Charge.


Working life has lots of pressure.


Moreover, with the demands of working life and pressures to perform, these incidents are increasing every year around the globe. According to a study, over 264 million industrial accidents happen every year globally, with as much as 350,000 mortalities. The results also indicate that the main cause behind 75% of the deaths was the hostile environment the workers were made to work in.

Nobody is ever responsible for changing a healthy work environment into a hostile one except for the employer and his negligence.

Therefore, in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the law is much more employee friendly and the employees are given full authority to make a personal injury claim.

In the United Kingdom, this law is applicable even if a co-worker of the victim was to blame as the employer is always accountable for the actions of his/her staff.


Questions will naturally arise… sensible ones.


Could the accident have been prevented if certain precautions were taken? then you definitely need good expertise to ensure your definite compensation for the injury or loss. Recent changes in the law have significantly narrowed the potential liability on employers and so specialist legal knowledge is required in order to continue to succeed in such claims. Having specialist knowledge in accidents claims

Why Whitestone Solicitors for your accident at work?


Whitestone Solicitors are wise to the ways of employees trying to just blame on the victim. Whether it is through a lack of policies, procedures and a possible history of negligence. We believe we are the right people to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

Whitestone Solicitors proudly have experienced and seasoned solicitors on board who have really made it to a level where they possess an excellent rapport with the courts, barristers, and tribunals. Our expert professional services regulated by the law society guarantee to give dedicated assistance at every step of your work accident compensation claim.

Remember, negligence done by somebody else should never be paid by you. Being a highly reputable UK based law firm offering professional legal services, Whitestone Solicitors should be your first call.

If you have been a victim of an accident at work, then Contact Whitestone Solicitors today – Specialists in Work Accidents & Injury claims for a free consultation and expert advice.

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