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Commercial Property Insurance

Business property protection is something every organization needs – regardless of whether you possess your own premises, whether you rent or work from home.

One of the central inclusions in an entrepreneur’s strategy is that business property protection insures your building and all of its contents, including outdoor fixtures and installations, for example a fence or an outdoor sign.

Business Property Insurance secures your business against damage to structures and their contents from fire, theft and other various risks. Consider it for your business in same way as you would consider Homeowner’s Insurance for your home.

There is a wide range of categories in Commercial Property Insurance and organizations can simply select the category and enter the details of the items for which they require cover. They can obtain cover for hazards such as fire, weather damage, vandalism and so on.  All misfortunes are covered but it will be made clear if any are specifically rejected and cannot be covered.

Despite any limitations, the most basic elements that your Commercial Property Insurance is able to cover are:

  • All your property portfolio in one single policy.
  • Liability Insurance of the property’s owner.
  • Fire and theft protection for your business.
  • Protection from losing out on rental income.

Who Needs Commercial Property Insurance?

All business property proprietors, including those working in partnership or as sole entrepreneur or those who are renting out a business premises to various clients require some form of Commercial Property Insurance.

The two most fundamental kinds of protection recommended to all new business companies are Business Property and Commercial General Liability.

What you pay to commercial property solicitors in UK for Commercial Property Insurance depends upon what the structure of your building is made of, the kind of business you operate from there e.g high risk or generally risk free, your area, your potential presentation to various risks and what emergency protective measures are available in case of a fire for example sprinklers, warning signs and fire extinguishers.

Protection is usually calculated based on the evaluation of risk factors. A higher percentage of hazards may result in a higher premium. Some key factors in determining this are:

  • Your career and the business you work in.
  • The measure of your business in relation to income and the number of employees.
  • The dimension of the cover selected

Is the Price Worth the Value?

There might be a coinsurance penalty if the full list of items and the building aren’t appropriately safeguarded in the event of unfortunate loss.  Therefore it is vital to get them all included.

Try not to stress over the penalties fearing that the evaluation costs would be high.

Business Property Insurance is frequently packaged together with different sorts of business protection to form a Business Owners Policy or a Commercial Package Policy at a lower rate for every individual category.

All you need to do is to get a competitive quote from our team of experts in their field and Whitestone Solicitors.  We are there to advise and provide just the right cover you need.

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Please note: Stamp Duty is payable at the rate of 1% of the price on any purchase above £125,000. If the value is above £250,000 then the rate increases to 3% up to a value of £500,000.

We reserve the right to amend all quotes given subject to any further details or information provided.

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