Holiday Accidents


A time of simply relaxing and getting away from your daily hectic routine, holidays are a lifeline to sanity. They allow you to connect with yourself and de-stress. The last thing on your mind is claiming for something. You want to let loose and relax for what you paid.

There is no secret that a holiday can be expensive. Especially family holidays, in this day and age, with peak travel costs almost double and in some cases triple off peak costs. You just want your holiday right.

Travel Insurance is important, it covers the basics, make sure you’re adequately covered for your:

• Holiday Destination and Holiday locations
• Holiday Activities and specifying specific activities if you have to.
• Your companions and f/ or family members
• Your individual expensive items.
• And most importantly Medical cover to get you back home instantly to be treated for any emergency.

Personal Injuries on Holiday

A personal injury or accident while on holiday can add a lot more than expenses, taking you from fun to suffering in no time. Thousands of innocent people go through this every year, and have no idea what to do. Knowing in advance is important so you can get the process right first time.

So what happens when you’re involved in an accident on holiday? Do you leave it and purse your stiff upper lip? Definitely no! If you have been injured abroad or involved in an accident you are entitled to pursue legal action and receive compensation even if the accident had happened outside the UK and that’s what the law says.

Under the laws such as general consumer law and package holidays and travel trade act, 1995 if the organizers of a package holiday company have behaved in a negligent manner causing you to sustain a personal injury, you may be able to succeed in a holiday compensation claim.

Also, European Law requires that countries in the European Union act upon laws to protect tourists on package holidays. These and some other legislative changes have made it possible for tourists to submit claims for injuries and accidents while abroad. As long as your holiday had been pre-arranged as a package holiday, the operator of your tour is responsible directly for your health and safety along with any other sort of problems with your holiday such as accommodation or travel.

No need to speak to foreign legal advisors instead call your local solicitors in the UK and make a claim even from a foreign location. Your compensation claim is based in the country the tour operator is established in, so your location not conforming to British legislation won’t stop the compensation to be handed over to you legally.

The amount of compensation always depends on circumstances of the case and the value set out in a given law. For example, the awards made in the courts of England & Wales are principally extracted from ‘The Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases’ and these awards have been uplifted by 10% to account for recent changes.
With no doubt, there are highly experienced and expert lawyers within the UK who have helped clients in recovering hundreds of millions of pounds in compensation for clients who have been injured seriously in a wide range of accidents abroad, whether they were overseas for work or on holiday.

Whitestone Solicitors proudly have experienced and seasoned solicitors on board who have really made it to a level where they have been the go to people, based on word of mouth, for many individuals and holiday parties who needed to make holiday compensation claims. Being one of the most reputable legal firms offering professional legal services, Whitestone Solicitors should be your first call.

So, next time if you’re planning a trip abroad that involves adventurous activities or volunteering work, you should make sure that you have all your cover in place and know your rights.
Negligence done by somebody else should never be paid by you. Moreover, if an unfortunate accident has had already happened to you, contacting a solicitor on how to proceed with your holiday accident claim is may be the best idea.

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