‘I was no longer able to cope’: Junior solicitor who backdated 23 letters ‘to buy time’ is struck off

She’d only been qualified for three years

A junior solicitor has been removed from the profession by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) after she backdated letters to conceal her inactivity on cases.

Amanda Elizabeth Davies had been qualified for just three years when she started producing a total of 23 backdated letters on clinical negligence and personal injury matters relating to nine separate clients.

Davies, an assistant solicitor with Swansea outfit JCP Solicitors, also made misleading statements to the parent of a client bringing a claim relating to a road traffic accident, according to a judgment published by the SDT. Davies — who was born in 1986 and qualified in 2012 — admitted fabricating documents during a meeting with her employers in September 2016 and resigned with immediate effect.

In a letter to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), the now 32-year-old claimed she had been asked by the firm to take on cases beyond her expertise, with no extra support or training from the firm.

Moreover, she argued that her workload was excessive and that her misconduct had been “to buy her time”. Davies — who was dealing with her grandfather’s terminal illness diagnosis at the time of the misconduct — continued:

“I amended letters to show my supervisors that I was in control of my files and they were progressing appropriately. I did not send any of the letters created and always tried to act in the best interests of my clients, it was simply a case that I was no longer able to cope.”

The SDT agreed Davies should be struck off and ordered her to pay £2,500 costs.

Davies strike off comes just months after an award-winning corporate lawyer who sent a number of misleading emails to a client was handed a career lifeline by the SDT.

Peter Naylor “attempted to buy [himself] some time” by sending several misleading emails during his time as an associate in the corporate department of regional outfit TLT. On this occasion, however, the tribunal chose not to remove Naylor from the profession after it heard how his heavy workload had left him “physically and emotionally drained”.

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