“Law and justice are not always the same” (Gloria Steinem)

Law and Justice


What does it actually mean when we say that the cases should be determined more according to justice and less according to the law?

The question itself seems confusing.

Whilst Law and justice seemingly go hand in hand together, Law was derived to achieve Justice… and it’s not always the case that they are the same thing.

“Justice”… some people refer to it as a perfect balance on which our life stands while some say it should be the right of every citizen. But what is Justice and how the Law is linked with it?

Justice is defined that we as a general public view as “right” in view of our ethical ideas, morals, logical derivation,  faith, value, decency etc.

Regard for the law is a necessary prerequisite to attain justice in a democratic government. It guarantees that all choices and activities of people are in accordance with a nation’s laws. It likewise guarantees that individuals with power don’t settle on choices about our lives in a discretionary and flighty way, in light of their own personal hatred, bias or convictions and not on what the law permits.

The Imbalance of Law and Justice


Law and Justice are not the same, the implications of this sad reality are serious; they are known as criminal policy and criminal law. Laws are passed by parliament chosen by the general population and deciphered by judges. The inadequacy in the administration of laws may result in awful injustice for generations, costing the lives of innocent individuals.

Everybody should be treated fair regardless of their identity or their financial. This is not always the case.

What’s more shocking is that thousands of such cases show up every year in which defense is so costly that it’s difficult to attain fair justice.

History has shown that the imbalance of justice has caused the nations to fall, justice is considered an attribute of God in every religion, culture, and nation. Some readings from the Epistle of James states:

“Has not God chosen the poor in the world to be rich in faith and to be heirs of the kingdom that he has promised to those who love him? But you have dishonored the poor. Is it not the rich who oppress you? Is it not they who drag you into court?”

What can be done about the imbalance of Law and Justice?


At the point when a portion of society’s individuals come to feel that they are receiving unequal treatment, the establishments and laws have been laid for social turmoil, unsettling influences, and struggle. The members of a community rely upon one another, and they will hold their social unity up to the extent that their establishments are fair.

Justice that’s why is a focal piece of morals and ought to be given due consideration in our ethical lives. In assessing any moral decisions, we should ask whether our activities treat all people similarly. If not, we should decide if the difference in treatment is properly justified.

Moreover, justice isn’t the main rule to be considered in the settlement of moral choices. Sometimes the standards of justice may need to be overruled for different sorts of morality, for example, rights or society’s welfare and due to such circumstances the regarding laws should be laid with utmost care and consideration.

Nevertheless, justice is a recognition of each other’s basic dignity and confirms that if we are to live together in a reliant network we should treat each other as equivalents.


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