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Claims Against the Police

The Police

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Under what circumstances can you make a claim against the police?

This can include being unlawfully arrested, falsely imprisoned or that the police used excessive force against you.

We can help to dig out the truth.

As part of investigating a claim, we would look for things like Police body cam footage, notes of arresting officers, evidence, sources of information, policies, and documents regarding the use of force/firearms/tasers etc.

Your Health and Safety is important

anyone can be a victim of unforeseen circumstances

Claim against the Police

In what situation can you make a claim?

  1. If you were detained and there was no lawful justification to detain you, then there may be a claim for false imprisonment.
  2. The Police would have to show that there was justification for detaining you.
  3. The detention must be an absolute and total restraint on your freedom.
  4. The level of compensation recoverable will depend upon the length of detention.
  5. Likewise, the level of compensation for the use of excessive force will depend upon the extent of excessive force used and any injuries sustained.

There are other matters that must be addressed by the Police during the course of any arrest/detention. Failures to comply could mean that an arrest is unlawful.

How can you end-up in such a situation?

You might have been the victim of mistaken identity and detained outside or at an airport.

A Police officer is only allowed to use reasonable force when carrying out his/her functions.

If you are restrained in a way that is not lawful or if there were no reasonable grounds to suspect you of anything and you were arrested, then all force used against you could be unlawful.

If the force was used to advance lawful powers, then the question to consider would be whether the use of force itself was excessive.

If you are detained completely for any period of time and the detention was not lawful, then this could be false imprisonment.

It does not matter where this happens. It could be outside on the street or it could be at a Police Station.

It might be that the Police have been negligent when carrying out their duties and that that negligence has caused you to suffer loss/injury.

You are entitled to lodge a complaint against the Police, which would be dealt with either by separate investigating officers or the Independent Office for Police Complaints. This can be in addition to making a claim for compensation.

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