Suffered due to defective Equipment at work

Defective Equipment Claims

The Working Environment

Should be Safe

How likely are the chances of getting injured due to defective equipments at work?

Sadly, many employees suffer injuries at work through the use of faulty equipment.

Eligibility to apply for a claim.

If you suffer from an injury at work through the use of defective equipment, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Your Health and Safety is important

We represent clients who suffer serious injuries caused by defective equipment and machinery.

Defective Equipment Claim

What are the responsibilities of your employer and how can injuries occur?

  • Your employer has a duty to ensure that any equipment provided for your use at work, is safe.
  • Injuries can happen through equipment not being properly and regularly inspected and maintained, lack of safety guards or emergency cut-out, or no proper risk assessment being conducted.
  • The equipment must regularly be checked and maintained. If it is not safe for use, then it must not be made available for use until it is certified safe.
  • Your employer is responsible for your health and safety at work and the use of machinery must be properly risk assessed. Employees need to be trained regarding the use of the machinery.
  • The employer can either conduct risk assessments internally by checking the safety of the equipment, or it can be carried out by a third party; it’s the employer’s duty to take care of you.

The Health & Safety Executive(HSE)

The Health & Safety Executive set out detailed guidance to employers about the use of all types of equipment and machinery in the workplace, the quality of risk assessments, employee training and ongoing safety systems.


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