Judicial Review Applications

If you delay this for long enough your application will not be allowed to go ahead or you may even be deported

If you feel you’ve been mistreated by the courts over your immigration status and have been denied the right to an appeal then you can apply for a Judicial Review Application.

It may be the case that you’ve  been through an immigration case where you feel as though the full facts of your case were not properly established. You may feel as though you were sentenced to deportation unfairly as a result of a particularly biased judge and that you were ‘made an example of’ without proper reason or that your deportation would infringe on your human rights.

At Whitestone Solicitors it is our duty to start every application with a thorough understanding of every element of the case presented. It is crucial that those seeking an application for judicial review do so as soon as possible. If you delay this for long enough, your application will not be allowed to go ahead or you may even be deported.

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