If negotiations are not working, we can assist

Whilst Parties in a dispute are free to take the matter to Court, this can prove extremely costly and stressful.

There may be reasons why you might not want to take Court action, for example you might want to remain on good terms with the other Party in the dispute or preserve business relationships.

We offer a mediation service with a view to resolving civil & commercial disputes.

These could relate to a partnership dispute/breach of contract/debt recovery/personal injury/boundary dispute/shareholder disagreements and other matters.

If negotiations are not working then we can assist.

As Mediators and Solicitors we are able to help Parties by providing an impartial view on the strengths and weaknesses of a claim, as well as working with parties to assist them in reaching a settlement or conclusion which suits their needs.

We offer a free initial telephone conversation to decide if your dispute is suitable for mediation (most disputes are).

We can help you find your own solution quickly, cost-effectively and confidentially. We can even assist if Court action is already under way.

Contact Us Now! We’ll provide you with a dedicated team of Mediation Solicitors in UK, giving you a single ‘point of call’ throughout the procedure.