Medical Negligence

Clinicians, GP’s, Hospitals and Medical Specialists owe a duty of care to you.

Clinicians, GP’s, Hospitals and Medical Specialists owe a duty of care to all of their patients.  Whilst you may be going to see them because you are not well, unfortunately they may fail you in some way. This failure may then cause problems for you which would not have happened otherwise.

Examples of medical negligence include failing to examine a patient competently, failing to diagnose or late diagnosis of a condition, failing to refer on or admit to hospital when necessary, failing to give competent advice, failiure to prescribe any medication or the correct medication and even failing to carry out surgery correctly.

If there has been a breach of the duty owed to you, i.e. the medical staff have not complied with correct standards of care, then you may be entitled to make a claim for any injury or loss suffered as a result.



Whether you were a private or NHS patient, your care provider has a responsibility to ensure you are treated in a competent, efficient, and caring way. Failure to do so can cause serious problems for the patients they treat. By actively pursuing medical negligence claims, patients can be recompensed for the suffering they endured or in serious cases be awarded compensation to meet medical expenses that have arisen as a result of a care provider’s negligence.

If you have been treated within the UK and feel you might be due compensation for a medical negligence claims against a health care provider who neglected their duty of care towards you then contact Whitestone Solicitors Claim Help Team today.