Occupiers Liability Claims

Suffered due to the negligence of the occupier/owner

Occupiers Liability Claims

The visitors Safety is

Occupiers concern

What can be an example of such situation?

A lawful visitor to premises, such as a shopper at a supermarket, is entitled to expect the premises to be safe. This is important because as a lawful visitor to a supermarket, a shop, or a restaurant, you have been invited on to the premises for the purpose of purchasing goods.

What is the basic obligation on occupiers side?

The basic duty of owner/occupier includes regularly checking the premises to ensure they are free of danger. Risk assessments should be carried out to identify potential hazards. The hazards/risks can then be considered and it can be determined whether action should be taken to reduce or eliminate those risks.

Your Health and Safety is important

Owners/occupiers of premises have a duty to take reasonable care to ensure the safety of people who visit their property.

Occupierrs Liability Claims

Things that need to be considered include:

  • Was there a danger and should it have been dealt with before the accident?
  • Were there any warning signs in place?
  • Had the area been cordoned off?
  • Did the owner/occupier know of the danger or ought to have known? Generally, if a system of inspections, maintenance and repair is in place, then the danger ought to have been known of and addressed beforehand.

Accidents can happen due to a number of reasons, e.g.  equipment might be defective, there may be a spillage on the floor, there might be a hole in the floor, or the floor may be uneven. Regular inspections and maintenance may avoid an accident.

What can help?


If accidents to visitors are caused by a defect or a danger on the premises, then the owner/occupier might be liable for any injuries caused as a result. If possible, you should take contact details of any witnesses.

CCTV might also be available.

You should also report the accident at the premises so that it is recorded in the accident book.


Even if you were partly to blame, you can still make a claim for compensation.

A claim would include a claim for injuries suffered and might also include financial losses if, for example, you have to take time off work because of the accident and do not get paid.



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