Bicycle/Motorbike Accidents

The legal experts at Whitestone Solicitors look into circumstances

Bike accidents involving other road users are known to cause serious injuries in a large proportion of cases. This is naturally due to the vunerablity of riders.

Cyclists have a responsibility to protect themselves with helmets and should ensure they are visible to motorists and other road users, especially at night time. Even if they did not do this, they could still have a case for compensation.

In many cases, drivers do not pay adequate attention, can be careless or distracted when overtaking bikes which can result in an accident. Even if the cyclist/biker was partially at fault for their personal injuries caused in a road traffic collision, it is still possible to make a Road Traffic Accident Claims. The legal experts at Whitestone Solicitors can look into the circumstances of your case and give you professional advice on a No Win No Fee basis.


Sometimes, these accidents are caused by hazardous road surfaces such as cracks, potholes or open manholes. It is the responsibility of a Local Authority, such as the council to perform road maintenance and ensure all of the streets in the region are safe for cyclists to use.

If you’ve suffered an injury in a bicycle or motorbike accident due to the negligence of a Local Authority, we can help you in your claim for compensation. Speak to one of our legal experts in road traffic accidents today and start the process of getting the money you deserve.

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