Brain and Spinal Injury

For serious cases, it is crucial you get in touch with expert lawyers

Whilst the majority of personal injury claims are fairly routine, in some cases the damage caused might be significantly higher. For serious cases like these, it’s crucial you get in touch with expert lawyers like Us at Whitestone Solicitors. We have worked with people nationwide seeking assistance and recompense for brain and spinal injuries.



When dealing with very serious injuries, it’s essential you choose solicitors with years of hands-on experience and specialist knowledge because unlike comparatively minor injuries, recovery times may be significantly longer in spinal injury compensation claims. You may require treatment for many years or for the rest of your life. Without specialist advice you may end up out-of-pocket simply for sustaining a preventable injury as a result of the negligence of someone else.

Our team works with you ensuring we can provide a bespoke level of service suited to your specific needs. Through close consultation with you, we can determine exactly how much your life has been affected by your accident, what rehabilitation treatment you will require and how much compensation you should be entitled to.

Contact Whitestone Solicitors with years of hands-on experience and knowledge about Serious Injuries including Head Injury Compensation Claims in UK.