Construction Accidents

Everyone has the right to a safe working environment

These are generally caused by negligence at building sites, inadequate employee training, poorly-maintained equipment as well as many other factors.

Everyone has the right to a safe working environment and construction workers are no exception. Building firms and site managers have a duty of care to ensure all of their employees are adequately trained and protected in the work they do. However, statistics from the Health and Safety Executive reveal this sector produces a disproportionate number of personal injuries when compared with other fields.


Although there have been significant improvements in this sector it is still high-risk and many injuries are caused by negligent actions from construction firms or by the people responsible for the safety of their workforce. The cost of an injury sustained because of negligence in the construction field can be very expensive and missed wages, emotional distress, carers fees and other expenses can make it very important for victims of negligent acts to claim construction compensation.

If someone else was responsible for your workplace injury on a construction site, if you had inadequate training in relation to hazardous materials or equipment or if there is any other negligent act that was responsible for harm caused to your physical, mental or emotional wellbeing; it is likely that you have a claim for compensation.

Whitestone Solicitors can give you the expert help you need for your Building Site Injury Claims to succeed. We can guide you through health and safety regulations in the sector and get you the maximum possible compensation payout for your injuries.

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