Trips or Slips

Public liabilities are not just limited to falls in the street

Most slip and trip claims involve bringing the claim against the local Highways Authority, most of whom seem to have a blanket policy of defending each and every one of these types of claims.

This is why you need a specialist solicitor who will not be fobbed off or throw in the towel as soon as the Council deny liability. Whitestone Solicitors are exactly the solicitors you need.


We have years of experience in knowing what to look out for in these types of cases in order to ensure that where a claim should be successful, it will be.
However, public liabilities are not just limited to falls in the street. If you fall in any private premises due to say, a spillage that wasn’t cleared up, a hole in the floor or some other defect, you may be eligible to make a claim. Whitestone Solicitors have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that where there is a claim you will receive the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.

It’s crucial that you Contact Whitestone Solicitors as soon as possible after your accident. Delays may reduce the chance of a successful outcome or may limit the amount of compensation you receive. You should always speak to a legal expert before embarking on any proceedings whatsoever.

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