Suffered due to no accessibility to PPE?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Claims

Personal Protective Equipments

Are Necessary

What does PPE includes?

PPE includes items like safety boots, gloves, hard helmets, safety goggles, protective masks and harnesses.

What kind of PPE are required?

The type of PPE needed depends on the type of job that you are doing and the equipment you might be using. Importantly, any PPE given must offer you proper protection and fit you. so the chances of you getting injured is minimized.

Your Health and Safety is important

The employer’s duty is to put systems in place to eliminate risks of injury.

Personal Protective- Equipments Claims

If you have suffered injuries at work due to:

  • Incorrect or faulty Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Not being provided with any PPE when you should have

Then you may be entitled to claim compensation.

For example:

  • Gloves must fit and be of sufficient quality as to avoid being easily pierced and ripped.
  • A helmet must fit properly and be strong enough to withstand impact.

All you want to know about PPE:

  1. Your employer has a duty to ensure your health and safety at work. This includes implementing safety measures to enable you to carry out your tasks safely. Not only does this involve PPE but also, training to employees in the proper use of PPE with the equipment.
  2. PPE should provide additional protection.
  3. Many PPE is subject to industry safety standards so an employer should always select the correct PPE.
  4. The PPE must be regularly inspected and maintained/replaced.
  5. The Health & Safety Executive set out detailed guidance for employers regarding risk assessments, selecting PPE and the use of PPE.

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