Some of our team are bikers, we understand motorcycle and motorbike claims better than most.

Motorcycle / Motorbike Accidents

We look into every possibility

Car didn't see me

Riding a bike or a motorbike leaves you vulnerable. There is very little protection compared to a car or a motor vehicle. From our experience, the most common response is that the rider wasn’t seen. 

Drivers: Must keep vigilant for motorcycle users, sometimes we forget to look over the shoulder and pull right into a riding motorbike or open the door. 

Riders: Keep safe. Keep up to date with your protective gear. Stay vigilant of vehicles pulling out. Most of our cases for motorcycle accidents are serious injuries.  Be vigilant for Diesel patches and potholes.

motorcycle / motorbike accident

You are vunerable as a biker

Bike accidents involving other road users are known to cause serious injuries in a large proportion of cases. This is naturally due to the vulnerability of riders.

As a bikers, you have the responsibility to protect yourself with the correct protective gear and should ensure you are visible to motorists and other road users, especially at nightThis is for your safety, however, you may still be able to make a claim for compensation, regardless of the situation.

In many cases, the drivers do not pay adequate attention. Drivers can be careless or distracted when overtaking motorbikes which can result in a collision. 

Sometimes, accidents are caused by hazardous road surfaces such as cracks, potholes or open manholes. It is the responsibility of the Local Authority to keep these maintained and the road in a usable state. The duty falls on the local council to keep the maintenance to safe guidelines for everyone to use. 

I Fell off my motorbike Due To a diesel patch

For those of us who bike, we know that it can be dangerously unpredictable. The loss of sudden traction, especially round a roundabout is extremely scary, and to come off your motorbike at a busy junction or roundabout can be a traumatic experience.

In short, you can absolutely make a claim for coming off your motorbike due to diesel spillage.  Whilst it’s common for bikers to believe that a diesel spill is no-one’s fault, you may be able to claim for bike repairs and/or replacement, as well as injury or time off work. Any motor claim where there is no direct party to claim against is applied to through the MIB (Motor Insurers’ Bureau). 

Our professional motorcycle accident solicitors are ready to give you advice and fight for your rights. After all, if it wasn’t your fault, why should you suffer? Message us or call at 08008 101010. It’s important that you act fast.

Even if you were partially at fault, it is still possible to make a claim

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