Suffered due to trips or slips in the Workplace

Trips or Slips in the Workplace

Trip & Slip

It is very common at work

Whom to blame?

You may feel embarrassed or think that you are to blame for it, but your employer has a duty to ensure your health and safety at work; this includes carrying out a risk assessment and to put in place effective measures to reduce the risk of injury to employees, arising from hazards in the workplace.

Is it common?

Thousands of people experience slipping or tripping accidents at work every year, we have acted for clients who suffer injuries because of such accidents.


Your Health and Safety is important

An adequate system must be in place for regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

Trips or Slips in the Workplace

The measurements the employer can take includes:

  • Every workplace floor must be kept safe and clear of anything that might cause a person to slip, trip or fall. The flooring should be of sensible construction.
  • If a spillage is identified, it should be cleared or at least, warning cones/signs put up, alerting people to the danger.
  • The floor should be level to avoid a tripping hazard. If there is a necessary change in level, it should be appropriately marked.
  • If by using machinery, debris can be created, an adequate system of inspection and cleaning must be in place.

The Health & Safety Executive(HSE) And other regulations:

  1. There is detailed guidance from the Health & Safety Executive as to an employer’s duties regarding safe premises.
  2. There are also recognised industry standards in regard to matters such as differences in floor level.
  3. There are also other issues that a comprehensive risk assessment can identify, such as the need for appropriate footwear.


If you suffer an accident at work, whether it is due to a wet floor, an uneven or broken floor, inadequate lighting, unexpected items on the floor etc. you may be entitled to claim compensation.

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