Public liabilities are not just limited to falls in the street

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It can happen anywhere when

You never see it coming

A Slip, Trip or Fall can be something laughable, you get up and brush yourself off. The embarassment at the time over shadows most of your emotions. 

There is also a more serious element to Slips, Trips and Falls that isn’t so laughable. Incidents happen through daily life .

You may have had an accident at work, falling from a mezenine floor, tripping on a kerb into the road, slipping on a doorstep. 

These and others can cause a  rippling effect of frustrations and difficulties in your future life, we ask you to get in touch and use our services.

We will look after you. 


What's a Slip?

A SLIP is when you have unintentionally lost your footing and your balance has given way. It could be something on the floor you were not aware of.


What's a Trip?

A TRIP is when you unintentionally catch your foot on something and lose your footing or fall. It could be something sticking out that you did not see.


What is a Fall?

A FALL is when something has gone from a higher height to a lower height. Usually under its own weight. This can apply to a person or an object.

Most Claims go against the Highways Authority

We settle Slips Trips and Falls fast

We work with the Highways Authority

The Highway Authority is responsible for operating, administering and maintaining public roads.

Most slip trip and fall claims involve bringing the claim against the local Highways Authority, most of whom have a blanket policy of defending each and every one of these types of claims regardless of the nature or severity.

This is why you need a specialist Solicitor who will not be deterred by the bullish approach some authorities have started taking against individuals. Denial of liability is their right, as is a defense. We are interested in your rights and we are here to uphold those.

We have years of experience in knowing how to approach the claims process and what to put together as an initial pack for the other party. 

This speeds up the process and gets results faster.

Public liabilities are not just limited to falls in the street. If you fall in any private premises for example, due to a spillage that wasn’t cleared up, a hole in the floor or some other defect, you may be eligible to make a claim. 

It’s crucial that you contact us as soon as possible after any Slip Trip or Fall. Delays may reduce the chance of a successful outcome or may limit the amount of compensation you receive. Please get in touch with one of our team members before you make any legal decision.