In some cases the damage can be severely debilitating

Brain and Head Injury Claim

This can be Devastating

Life May Change

Brain and Head Injuries can be truly devastating and life-changing.

They can result from road accidents, a fall from height at work or medical negligence.

We have years of experience dealing with these claims and will work to ensure you get the help and compensation you deserve.

Start rebuilding your life.

Paying for ongoing care

We would help to ensure you can rebuild your life, pay for ongoing care and easing the financial burden on you and your family.

We are able to organise specialist medical treatment and arrange for you to be seen by expert brain injury specialists.

We look to move quickly by gathering initial information and writing to the party at fault and their insurers.

If we can secure an early liability admission, we can obtain substantial interim payments.

Whilst the majority of personal injury claims are fairly routine, in some cases the damage caused could be significantly higher.

We Assess all Your Needs

For serious injuries, it’s crucial you get in touch as soon as possible with the expert lawyers at Whitestone.

We work with people nationwide seeking assistance and recompense for brain and head trauma.

When dealing with very serious injuries, it’s essential you choose solicitors with years of hands-on experience and specialist knowledge.

Unlike comparatively minor injury specialists, our specialists understand the length of patience needed for rehabilitation and how recovery times can be significantly longer than anticipated when speaking to other parties. You may require treatment for years or for the rest of your life. Without specialist help, you could end up out-of-pocket for sustaining a preventable injury as a result of the faulty party’s negligence.

We address your immediate needs and also consider what you might need in the future.

For example,

  • Will you be able to work again?
  • Will you need surgery/treatment in the future?
  • Will you need care and assistance?
  • What equipment/technology might help you at home?
  • Looking to the future and integrations with technology such as mobile apps and electronic equipment?

We consider things such as re-training if there is a chance that you can return to some kind of work in the future.

If we have an early liability admission, we can obtain substantial interim payments.

Interim payments can ease financial burdens when you need to go for treatment or simply cover things such as loss of earnings.

We assess what your needs are, including (but not limited to):

  • Rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy
  • Plastic surgery
  • Neurology
  • Neurospsychology
  • Adaptations to your home

We also consider factors like higher heating and electricity bills due to increased time at home.

Your team at Whitestone Solicitors works with you to ensure we can provide a bespoke level of service suited to your specific needs. Through close consultation with yourself, we can determine exactly how much your life has been affected by your accident, what kind of rehabilitation treatment you require and how much compensation you should be entitled to.

Take the first step of putting your life back together.

Speak to our specialists Today.

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