The process of making a Will need not be time consuming or difficult.

Your Guide to Making a Will

MAke sure you have a Will

Make sure you have made a Will. The process of making a Will need not be time consuming or difficult, with the right information from you and working together with you we can prepare your Will quickly.

Use a Solicitor to prepare your Will who will ensure your Will is valid, has clarity and no mistakes are made which only comes to light on your death when things cannot be changed. Solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and is insured against any loss you may suffer because of a solicitor’s negligence.

A cheap Will prepared by an unregulated organization may cost you dearly in the end.

Choose your executors well and make sure you have someone capable and responsible as they will be the one making sure whatever is written in your will is followed through, this is usually best done with someone impartial like a Solicitor. You can also choose members of your family to act as your executor on their own or with a Solicitor.

Appoint guardians for your children, if you’re a single parent or the last living parent it is important to make sure your children under the age of 18 are looked after by someone of your choice so make sure this is expressed in your will.

There are  options to ring fence your estate by putting assets in a Trust for  number of reasons, you can protect your  estate for your children if your partner remarries, if you wish to leave money or assets for family members who may be vulnerable or disabled and cannot manage on their own but you want to make sure they will be looked after when you are gone, if you wish to leave the maximum you are legally able to instead of paying tax by proper estate planning.

One of the vital things to ensure is that your Will is valid. Our Solicitors at Whitestone will make sure your Will is correctly prepared and valid for your peace of mind.

Ensure your Will is somewhere safe but can easily be found after you die. At Whitestone Solicitors we are happy to store your Will for free of charge and let you have a copy for your own information. We have fireproof safe for safe storage of your Will.

Review your Will when your circumstances change, if you remarry you must make a new Will as your old Will becomes invalid on your re-marriage, if your children have grown up and you wish to make different arrangements than when they were young, your wealth profile has changed and your estate may be tax bearing, you have become widowed or if you wish to disinherit anyone. These are just a few reasons why it is important for you to review your Will periodically. Whitestone Solicitors do not charge you to review your existing Will or to provide professional guidance free of any obligations.

Do not assume unmarried couples have the same legal rights as married couples or couples who are in a Civil Partnership. If you are living together with your partner irrespective of the length of time you have lived together if you do not make specific provisions for them in your Will everything you own in your name will automatically pass to your closest blood relatives and not to your partner.

Why Whitestone Solicitors?

decades of Experience

When it comes to making a Will often difficult decisions must be made which can be upsetting and confusing

At Whitestone we have dedicated and experienced Solicitors with decades of   legal experience to help and guide you.

Call us for FREE for an initial no obligation legal advice about making a Will on 08008 101010 or drop us a message

It is never too early to make a will or Power of Attorney

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