In some cases the damage can be severely debilitating

Spinal Cord Injury Claim

You could be reliant on a carer or a family member indefinitely.

Suffering a spinal cord injury could leave you disabled and reliant on the family for basic needs. 

Acting quickly is very important. 

We would consider that a claim is likely to be successful after we will look to involve the insurers of the person or organisation you believe are at fault. Contact is made with a view to getting early payments for you for necessary medical treatment. 

We would need to consider things like your current home and whether it might need to be altered because you require the use of a wheelchair or a hoist, or modifications specific to your personal circumstances.

We might have to think about things like special equipment in your bathroom, a downstairs bathroom or a lift, etc. 

We look to address a whole host of issues, including private rehabilitation funded by the insurers of the at-fault party, planning for you for the future in terms of ongoing care needs, future equipment and housing needs, and even financial planning.

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