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Recent Road Traffic Accident Settlement

We recently settled a claim for a client, a young man, 18 years of age, following a road traffic accident in which he was involved.

Our client was on his bicycle. He had crossed 2 lanes whilst the lights were in his favour, only to be hit by a vehicle in the 3rd lane and suffering serious injuries, including a fracture to his leg, significant soft tissue injuries to his back and psychological problems.

Liability was disputed throughout the duration of the claim.

The driver’s insurers blamed our client.

Extensive investigations had to be carried out, including obtaining Police records, considering the road layout, preparing witness evidence and obtaining expert medical evidence in relation to our client’s injuries.


It was our view that our client was well established on the road and was there to be seen. Unmoved by the stance taken by the insurers, we took court action.

Solicitors were then instructed on behalf of the driver of the vehicle. Whilst maintaining the denial of liability, they then began making offers to settle, initially, suggesting that our client was mainly to blame and then, that the driver was mainly to blame.

The significance of a split liability agreement is such that our client would have had his compensation award reduced based on any agreed percentage of blame.
We refused to negotiate on that basis and pressed on.
There were other important considerations, including the failure to provide us with dashcam footage, the existence of which we were aware.
Addressing everything with the driver’s Solicitors, we set out our stance and this culminated in a settlement offer which we considered more accurately reflected the accident circumstances and the nature and extent of our client’s injuries.
Our client was delighted to settle his claim in the sum of £35,000.00, without any blame, and is now able to move on and focus on his University studies.

We specialise in road traffic accidents, including those involving cyclists and will leave no stone unturned in looking to achieve the best possible settlements for our clients.

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